Interacting with YouTube for Fun & Profit

YouTube has the second largest traffic source across the web. Bigger than Amazon, larger than Apple. Its traffic is nothing short of massive. It also has one of the largest pool of active users who every day are logging in, looking up videos, watching an average of 25 minutes of content each day, and interacting on the YouTube site.

Creating Activity from Idleness

As one character said in film ‘Field of Dreams’ – “If you build it, people will come. Oh yes.. people will most definitely come.”

Unfortunately, the Internet is not like a baseball diamond and people don’t usually come unless you give them a reason. Certainly not in the numbers necessary to make any real money anyway.

For YouTube, the reality is that the platform is flooded with new content each and every day. Uploading a video is a good start, but you need to find a way to  get some interest going.

Jump starting your YouTube video page

The number of YouTube views makes a difference early on. There are videos that five people have watched and others than over a million people have seen.  Whilst it’s not often possible to get a million views, you are initially up against other videos with a smaller number of views.

You can actually purchase YouTube views. This brings a certain number of real people to your video to view it. The purpose of this is not to sell the product being promoted in the video, but instead to get off the starting block and show some viewer numbers. This triggers YouTube’s internal system to notice the sudden interest in your video, pushing it higher up in related search results. With the suddenly popular videos that day, these video can then reach the most viewed videos lists and get a lot of exposure.

YouTube Likes also adds to your profile on the site by giving the video some legitimacy. With a good number of Likes, people feel more like taking the few minutes to watch the video once they reach the video page. YouTube Likes work not unlike Facebook Likes in that way.

YouTube Comments also allow the community to add their voice and react to the content inside the video itself. A healthy amount of back and forth can help to create more buzz about the video.

All of these techniques can deliver much needed attention and traffic to your YouTube page by internally pushing the video up in the YouTube rankings, which drives more visitors, and more views. This, in turn, exposes your message and the link back to your site.

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