Best Methods to Start a YouTube Group

For people that are heavy users of YouTube and especially for those with their own page, starting a YouTube group might well be a good idea to centralize all your communications in one section of the site, plus help you get more Youtube views.

To partake in this kind of activity it is important that you have a reliable Internet connection as uploading and downloading videos can use up a lot of bandwidth. While downstream bandwidth is usually not too limited for most people in the Western world, upstream bandwidth remains stubbornly limited for even the most wired locations on the planet. Half a Mbit and below is not uncommon for upstream bandwidth, making it time consuming to access enough bandwidth to upload a video before the upload itself times out and has to be repeated.

Steps to Creating a YouTube Group

  1. First of all you will need to create your own YouTube account. If possible, put some time into considering what your screen name will be. This is especially difficult these days because just about every obvious permutation one can think of has already been used. It can take some real mental gymnastics to come up with something original and understandable.
  2. Have a visible presence around YouTube in any other YouTube channels that you operate. Comment publicly, add new content and participate with insightful comments so that people know who you are.
  3. When logged into your YouTube account, visit the “Groups” area and select it. Once there, some more detailed instructions will be presented on the current process for creating a YouTube group within the web site. Follow the procedure until it is confirmed that your new YouTube group has been created for you.
  4. Go into the settings for your new group and adjust the settings to suit. Group permissions should be given special attention to ensure that you add the group members that you wish to include.
  5. Begin your marketing by visiting other related YouTube channels and put out an invitation for your new group. When other people join your group, they can then see any posts that you make to the group. It is also possible to tweak the privacy settings to adjust who sees what.

YouTube Groups are a great way to bring people together who have a common interest, add new videos and other content, and create a spirited dialogue. This is just one of the many way on how to get more Youtube views the natural way.

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