Best Methods to Start a YouTube Group

For people that are heavy users of YouTube and especially for those with their own page, starting a YouTube group might well be a good idea to centralize all your communications in one section of the site, plus help you get more Youtube views.

To partake in this kind of activity it is important that you have a reliable Internet connection as uploading and downloading videos can use up a lot of bandwidth. While downstream bandwidth is usually not too limited for most people in the Western world, upstream bandwidth remains stubbornly limited for even the most wired locations on the planet. Half a Mbit and below is not uncommon for upstream bandwidth, making it time consuming to access enough bandwidth to upload a video before the upload itself times out and has to be repeated.

Steps to Creating a YouTube Group

  1. First of all you will need to create your own YouTube account. If possible, put some time into considering what your screen name will be. This is especially difficult these days because just about every obvious permutation one can think of has already been used. It can take some real mental gymnastics to come up with something original and understandable.
  2. Have a visible presence around YouTube in any other YouTube channels that you operate. Comment publicly, add new content and participate with insightful comments so that people know who you are.
  3. When logged into your YouTube account, visit the “Groups” area and select it. Once there, some more detailed instructions will be presented on the current process for creating a YouTube group within the web site. Follow the procedure until it is confirmed that your new YouTube group has been created for you.
  4. Go into the settings for your new group and adjust the settings to suit. Group permissions should be given special attention to ensure that you add the group members that you wish to include.
  5. Begin your marketing by visiting other related YouTube channels and put out an invitation for your new group. When other people join your group, they can then see any posts that you make to the group. It is also possible to tweak the privacy settings to adjust who sees what.

YouTube Groups are a great way to bring people together who have a common interest, add new videos and other content, and create a spirited dialogue. This is just one of the many way on how to get more Youtube views the natural way.

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How to Create a Twitter Background Without Too Much Fuss

When creating a Twitter page, it comes with a standard look and feel, using the default background image. While this in itself is not too shabby, it can certainly do with some jazzing up to inject much needed personality into a Twitter profile page. This is especially true because one can only say so much  with 140 characters and creating your own custom Twitter background says something more than what can be said with so few words in a Tweet. Plus, this is the number one thing you can do to help you get more Twitter followers.

The Good and the Bad of Twitter Backgrounds

It is thought by some that adding an interesting backdrop to your Twitter activity can set the mood much in the same way that scented candles in the bathroom can set the mood for a relaxing soak on a Sunday evening.

In these days of branding and wanting to make a good impression, a snazzy background can say a lot with the selection made. As employees become a little more careful with their online lives and consider more carefully what revealing photos and videos they upload to Facebook or what they Tweet about their day with their present employer, an attractive background can say a lot with a little. Equally choosing poorly with an ill conceived background can confuse visitors and make them start to question your view on the world. In an extreme case, a prospective employer who is snooping through your online profiles might take a negative view of what they see and go with another candidate.

Finding a Good Background

If you are not much of a designer and you do not wish to hire one, then you can scour the web for a good source of Twitter backgrounds. A simple Google search for “Twitter backgrounds” will bring up a lot of good choices for sites that specialize in graphical content (some free, others not so free).

Below are some sites to get you started:

Replacing the Default Twitter Background

First, you need to be logged in. Once you are, visit the Twitter Profile page. From the Account Settings link, reveals the Design tab where you are then able to either select a theme already available on Twitter for you to use or to add your own theme instead. Once you have made your selection, the changes can be viewed and your Twitter profile page will then reflect the changed background immediately.

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How to Master Facebook Marketing The Right Way

Offline marketing strategies are expensive, ineffective and in many ways outdated. To rise above the din of constant advertising in the media one has to spend such a substantial sum of money just to be heard above the noise that this prevents many smaller business operators completely out of the market. This is especially true when safe in the knowledge that marketing messages need to reach would be consumers a number of times before the advert even  register with them. Without being aware of the advert in the first place, it can have no impact at all on any possible buying decision later.

With an online presence, having your own web site is crucial to brand creation or maintaining an existing brand in the online world. This used to be enough, but now it is necessary to create a branded fan page on Facebook, possibly a Twitter account and other social media profiles so that your business can gain marketing traction in as many markets as possible.

Consumers are spending more time using social media accounts and less in traditional media markets like Hollywood filmed entertainment, radio and news programming. Increasingly, in a fast moving online world, people check Facebook on their smart phone using the Facebook app, read a couple of Tweets on TweetDeck and check their email at the same time. Smart businesses know that they need to go where their customers and prospective customers go or they get left behind with the changes.

One Voice

All the Facebook communication that comes from staff should be speaking in a single voice. Whether it is one person or a collection of people responding to messages on a fan page, it is important that the message that is coming across is consistent.

Create Communication Policies (For Larger Fan Pages)

For fan pages that receive an unusually large number of comments daily, it may be impossible for staff to keep up with the stream of comments being posted. For such companies, it is crucial to create a clear policy for what messages will be responded to and which will not be. Where at all possible, making this clear on the fan page is also useful so that followers do not feel ignored and customers are guided to communicate using the appropriate channel.

Post Interesting Customer Stories Relating To The Use Of Your Products

Post stories and photos of unusual situations that have occurred and wherever possible, show positive outcomes. If the customer service team went above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer out, see if the customer will share the experience publicly. Add humor (carefully) and personality to the people that work for the company by posting interesting photos.

Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS)

Keep communications simple, clear and consistent. Avoid confusing followers and redirect serious customer service issues to the appropriate employee who can deal with it away from the Facebook platform.

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What Are Twitter HashTags and How Do They Work?

When first getting to grips with Twitter, you need to learn a confusing array of Twitter-related terminology, do’s and don’ts, and best practices. Twitter is its own ecosystem and people behave differently on Twitter than elsewhere.

What Are HashTags?

When sending out a 140 character limit Twitter message, called a Tweet, within the Tweet itself a hashtag can be included. It may look like the following:


The purpose of a hashtag is to point to the Tweet being related to a particular topic of discussion and to include the Tweet within that respective group by using a keyword associated with it. By adding a form of category, called a hashtag, Twitter users can search for any new Tweets with the same hashtag and your Tweet may show up in their search. Therefore, a hashtag is a way to quickly categorize a Tweet message, or to try and find new Twitter Followers.

More than one hashtag can be used in a single Tweet, however it is important not to make most of your message a single stream of hashtags as that could seem to be excessive. The current recommendation is to keep hashtags to a two tag maximum per Tweet.

Clicking on a hashtagged word will bring up a search for other recent Tweets using the same hashtag.

A Twitter official page covering hashtags in more detail can be found below:

Search For Relevant HashTags Before Tweeting

When posting a Tweet, it is important to search for similar Tweets and existing topics of discussion so that you can determine if there is already a relevant hashtag relating to what you are about to Tweet. This avoids duplication and aids in the faster dissemination of your Tweet message to a wider audience.

Creating Your Own HashTag

Try to be consistent with naming conventions if you choose to create your own hashtag. Shorter is better too. Long tags are difficult to fit into a 140 character-restricted Tweet after all.

Trending HashTags

Watch out for high trending topics that have a hashtag that is in frequent use. Trending topics are highlighted in searches and on the Twitter home page.

Keeping Up With Industry News

Following ongoing Tweet discussions using industry specific hashtags is a good way to keep up with the latest goings on in your industry.

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How to Deliver on a Twitter Contest and Do It Right

Twitter can be a really cool place to launch a contest. Contests can be a great way to add some fun to a fan page for a business that is too large to do large scale product give-aways, but can instead create a buzz with cleverly crafted contests instead.

Using Contests To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Contests can be a great way to boost your Twitter follower numbers. Many people love a good contest and want to try their luck to see if they can win even if the odds are stacked way against them (think: Lotto!).

Promote a new contest through all the available free channels such as the official web site, Facebook page, Twitter account and mailing list.

Sending Out The Contest (Party) Invites

In order to get people successfully invited to your little contest, they first need to be Twitter followers of your account. Pull as many people in as you can through your promotional channels, funnel them into your Twitter page and get them signing up as a follower. Or you can learn how to get more Twitter followers as well.

You can then send a single Tweet to invite a group of people to your contest.

How To Run The Contest

There are a few steps to follow to conduct a proper contest on Twitter.

  1. Set the ground rules. Each contest needs to have a clear set of rules so that the prizes are known and it is clear what it takes to win each prize. There are people out there who specialize in looking for contest loopholes in order to extract the largest (unintentional) gain from a contest. Setting up the prizes, contest structure, how each contestant may qualify (age, sex, etc.) and how people participate, are the most common rules to set.
  2. Attend to the Details. The rules must have a start and end date for the contest, the prizes must be ready in advance and if prizes are coming from sponsors, then these need to be named & publicized.
  3. Set up a hashtag for the contest. This way there is a single location where people can place contest entries and the contest progress can be actively monitored.
  4. Promote the contest through a wide campaign on all social media accounts owned, web sites, mailing lists, etc.
  5. Launch the contest and monitor closely for any unexpected issues.
  6. Select a winner or winners. Follow your own rules and be fair in making the winning selection(s).
  7. Announce who the winner or winners are and give out the prize(s). If it is necessary to nominate an impartial outside party to adjudicate and award prizes, then do so.

Above all, make contests fun and easy to follow along. It can bring much needed publicity and excitement to your brand for a small outlay.

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Ideas and Thoughts About How to Earn Money on Facebook

For millions of Facebook users who use Facebook to share their photos, add video content, comment on what is going on in their lives today and follow along with topics of interest to them, Facebook simply helps them communicate in new ways. Facebook has become a kind of TV extension and in some cases replaced TV news watching and some newspaper reading, with Facebook users now getting a lot of their information directly from Facebook users, fan pages and other free online sources.

Enterprising Facebook users and business people look at things a little differently than the average Facebook user. They see millions of people all collected on one large web site and wonder how they can gain access to these “eyeballs” profitably. In this new way of thinking was born the question of how exactly one can think about making money with Facebook?

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook advertising can be purchased which targets specific industries, age groups, interests and even right down to people living in individual towns & cities. The power of Facebook data from all the fan pages, comments, friends lists, and conversations taking place in real-time provides Facebook with an enormous amount of relevant data points and the ability to target advertising very specifically.

This provides advertisers with a new way to promote the right product, to the right consumer, at the right time. Things have changed in a big way and so this is very different from spending tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a one page glossy advert in a magazine. Often this glossy advertisement promoting the latest shampoo innovation to the magazine readership who at that time was not looking to change shampoo brand anyway was a very inefficient way to promote a product and drive sales. But someone who has joined a beauty products fan page or channel, who was recently discussing wellness products with her friend over a private chat within Facebook, might just be the perfect person to target with an advertisement.

Savvy business owners are using Facebook advertising to streamline their advertising budgets whilst making them far more effective at the same time.

Build a Branded Image With Your Facebook Account

The Facebook background image, messages, photos and videos added, as well that the Timeline information paints a picture for visitors to your fan page.

Sometimes this is a consistent picture and a clear message, but more often than not it is not so clear. Speak with a consistent voice. Make posts interesting and intelligent. Engage your audience, ask smart questions and provide good answers. People do business with people that they like and a good Facebook image can be its own positive word of mouth. And at times this can be the best form of advertising. You can also learn how to get more facebook likes to get you started off on the right track.

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How to Get the Best out of the Pinterest Secret Boards

Another change for Pinterest in November – those guys keep innovating which is great to see – was the introduction of secret boards within the Pinterest eco system. The restriction is that up to 3 secret boards can be created per Pinterest account

There is quite a bit of confusion as to how one can use a secret board on Pinterest and how it differs from a regular board. There is the belief in some quarters that all pins on a private board can only stay private and that they cannot be repinned to a public board. This belief is false.

Members of a private board are the only ones that can see the pins there, but they are free to take a pin and repin it to a public board. The major difference is that because the originating board is a secret board, there will be no referral link to indicate what board the pin originally came from. Therefore, with pins, credit or props does not follow to where credit is due in all cases.

Collaboration between Departments

In the past, some of the best ways for small departments to interact was through email and sometimes a collaborative web app. Depending on the size of your business or employer, and the relative size of their IT business, this may not be an affordable solution. Now with free business accounts on Pinterest and secret boards that can be opened inside a business account, it is possible to use a board to share thoughts, ideas and private business documents between employees and departments.

Open a Private Shared Pin Board

It is now possible to create a shared pin board between a select group of people – from an extended family, mastermind group or company department – to share memories, ideas and fun times. This is like a Flickr page for private groups.

Keeping Your Hobbies Separate

Some people, like this author, like to compartmentalize friends and colleagues in order to keep everyone together who should be together and those separate who should be separate. Secret groups can be used to keep a person’s roles in life separate. Their work role, their husband/wife/partner role, their father/mother role and to have a separate secret board shared with only the right people. This prevents overlap and ensures that the pins and repins are far more relevant to the participants too.


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Pinterest Gets Serious About Business

Pinterest is a hugely popular social media platform, especially with women who seem to enjoy taking photos, sharing content and commenting on the content far more than men do. This tracks well with the fact that women talk more on any given day than the average men.

Just like with Facebook advancing well beyond personal fan pages, to various types of pages one can open for businesses, brands, and so on, Pinterest in late November decided to get serious about business by opening up their user accounts to allow ones specifically for businesses and brands.

Along with new business accounts for Pinterest, there is a new set of terms of service to adhere to. However, along with the new type of accounts, there are some additional features like conversation tracking, that has been added to help businesses understand how the social media site is helping to make money for you.

New business accounts can now be set up with a business name, instead of by only using the first and last name of an employee of the said business. As more businesses take advantage of the business accounts (pre-existing accounts can be switched over from a personal account to a business account) the amount of content shared with pinning and then repins elsewhere on other business sites, the business accounts will begin to see a great deal of use. It is expected that additional Pinterest badges relating to business accounts will start to appear to allow pins, repins and so forth, whilst making it clear that you are pinning to/from a business page.

Cat Lee, a product manager for Pinterest stated, “This is the first step to helping businesses make the most out of Pinterest. We hope to basically give businesses more tools and more resources.”

It is now widely expected that this first foray into business interaction by Pinterest will broaden out into a much larger assault into the the business realm with a wealth of new tools to help continue to increase the traffic reaching Pinterest.

Currently the site lacks the type of analytical data available to users of other social media sites. Ways to directly make money with Pinterest is decidedly lacking presently and an actual money making model for Pinterest is also missing, so we can expect continued changes in the Pinterest camp as time moves on.

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How to get more YouTube Views

YouTube has become a major player in the consumption of recorded content. When we think about filmed entertainment, we think about the major TV networks ABC, NBC and CBS. In fact, YouTube views now exceed four billion views daily, which is more than double the prime time numbers for the big three networks combined.

We are in a new era and things are changing fast. In order to take advantage of this, it is important to create YouTube videos, upload them and then ensure that they receive enough views.

With YouTube, the home page and categories are ranked according to the most recent viewed and total views of a video. If you have an account with YouTube and you are logged in, then the site will track your usage and adjust what videos they show in order to be more relevant to your interests. Just like with, the more you use the site, the more data is collected on videos you view and this helps to customize what you see next.

In order to start to show up on lists of the best videos for individual categories and site searches, it is important to get your YouTube views up. This means daily views and also the total views of your video. If you can spread out the location of the viewership, that is all for the better. Just like like an bestseller rising to the top of DVD listings, popular YouTube videos rise to the top as well. We offer YouTube views (LINK here) as a package to get your started.

How to get more YouTube views:

  1. Give your video file a keyword relevant file name. This helps to categorize it.
  2. Think creatively about your video title.
  3. Research other popular videos and include references in your title to these, to try to get cross-linked in searches.
  4. Fill out the tags section so that you can rank for your chosen keywords better.
  5. Make a video response to a very popular video to try to suck out some of that traffic to your video.
  6. Enable comments on your video page to encourage social interaction.
  7. Embed your video in your website to create two way traffic.
  8. Ask bloggers to add your video to a new post on their site.
  9. Offer to guest post for other bloggers and embed your YouTube video in the guest post.
  10. You can also Buy Youtube Views to get a head start make your video look like it is the most popular one around.

If you can stick to these basics then you will be on your way to your first 1,000,000 views before you know it.

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